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A-CUTE DERM B-Kleer Sulfar Mask 2.5oz

A-CUTE DERM B-Kleer Sulfar Mask 2.5oz
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Product Description

A-CUTE DERM B-Kleer Sulfar Mask contains the maximum strength medicated acne treatment. B-Kleer Sulfar Mask helps dry up acne blemishes, kills propioni bacterium deep in the pores and allows your skin to heal. This mask penetrates pores to help reduce the number of acne blemishes and prevent new blemishes from forming. 2.5oz

Use for combination to acne prone skin.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Kaolin Clay - Acts as an astrigent and absorbs excess oil from pores. Therapeutic Sulfur - Dries pores to clear blemishes and reduce future breakouts.