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A-CUTE DERM E2 Bruise Creme 2oz
A-CUTE DERM E2 Bruise Creme 2oz
A-CUTE DERM E2 Bruise Creme 2oz
Item#: acutee2bruisecreme2oz

Product Description
This elegant blend of highly purified Emu oil, Arnica and Vitamin E (U.S.P.) offers a luxurious feel and excellent properties. A-CUTE DERM E2 Bruise Creme nourishes, protects and offers assistance in problems on the skin for non-abraded or open wounds. A-CUTE DERM E2 Bruise Creme works quickly on severe bruises to eliminate unsightly conditions while repairing surrounding tissue. 2oz

Highly recommended for diabetics as a prophylactic measure to keep bruises from forming.

Key Ingredients: Emu Oil - has tremendous moisturizing capabilities. It is also a transport of bioactive elements into the skin and appears to accelerate the body’s ability to heal itself.

Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) - is a well-known healing agent and antioxidant.

Arnica Montana - Known for its calming, soothing, hyper-anemic healing and antiphlogistic properties. It also activates blood flow to the skin.