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A-CUTE DERM E2 Serum 1oz
A-CUTE DERM E2 Serum 1oz
A-CUTE DERM E2 Serum 1oz
Item#: acutee2serum1oz
Regular price: $34.00
Sale price: $30.60

Product Description
A-CUTE DERM E2 Serum is an exceptional skin lubricant that improves the body’s own healing process. E2 Serum maintains hydration levels, accelerates healing and keeps scabs and blisters from forming. A-CUTE DERM E2 Serum is loaded with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which the skin craves and even penetrates to the joints and helps with arthritic pain and discomfort. 1oz

DIRECTIONS: Apply once daily in the morning after cleansing and prior to other treatment products. Do not over apply, use 3 drops to thinly and evenly cover face and neck.