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A-CUTE DERM B-Kleer Foaming Acne Cleanser 1.7oz

A-CUTE DERM B-Kleer Foaming Acne Cleanser 1.7oz
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Product Description

This maximum strength foaming acne cleanser does not need to rinse off! B-Kleer Foaming Acne Cleanser leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Convenient travel size that meets airline criteria for carry-ons, home and refill sizes. 1.7oz

Key Benefits: Promotes cleanliness by allowing regular and continuous cleansing without drying your skin. A-CUTE DERM Foaming Acne Wash kills 99.996% E.coli, Pseudomonas, and Staph, which cause infection on contact as well as kills 99.99% Propionibacterium, which causes acne on contact. In addition kills 97% MRSA within 2 minutes. Foaming Acne Wash induces improved wound healing by controlling the sterility in open wound sites.

Can be used on all skin types.